Intercom Systems

Galeco offer a range of intercom and access control systems from leading brands such as Farfisa, Comelit, Videx and Daitem which include the full range from simple 1-way voice, 1 push-button wired intercom system through to GSM remote units capable of opening the gate for up to 200 users, or modular multiway intercoms for apartment block where 30+ flats can each have up to 3 handset receivers.

Wired vs Wireless intercoms

Electricians will invariably favour a wired intercom system for gate intercoms because they behave in a known manner, and once wired will prove highly reliable. Wireless systems will offer easy installation, however, consideration needs to be give to 1) the distance to the gate from the handset/receiver 2) line-of-sight i.e. what is between the gate and your house and will the wireless radio signal be unobstructed and 3) nearby electro-magnetic interference – consider your building’s structure, mobile telephone masts, electricity power lines and substations, radio or TV transmitter could all affect performance.

Multiway intercoms

Ideal for apartment or office blocks and gated communities these tend to be modular systems that can be customised to your specific requirements and can handle 30+ property call buttons, with each flat or office able to have 3 handsets. These systems can be coupled with integrated video and keypads too. If you have a specific configuration in mind and cannot see how to get what you need, please do not hesitate to call and one of our sales team will help you design what you need.

GSM systems

There are two types of GSM system: 1) GSM intercoms which allow you to receive mobile phone calls from the gate (usually cascading from call the house or office and then to your mobile if no one answers) and 2) GSM remotes that can store up to 200 telephone numbers in their caller-ID, so if you call the gate and your number is on the recognised list the gate will open – ideal for communal gates and rolling lists (leisures centres, marinas, out of hours access to businesses).